What Can I Do When I Get The Flu?

It is exceedingly customary for the bulk of persons to suffer as a result of the flu at one period or another during their lives. Those persons which come into contact with big groups of people either through work or school are more apt to pick up not just one attack of flu but are liable to endure the flu several times. This happens because of the sizable quantity and forms of viruses which are prepared and waiting to take aim at us.

They change, they metamorphose and they invade our systems several times before we are able to come up with helpful treatments.The most recognizable flu viruses are those ones which affect a good number of the bird species as well as all mammals. It is the wild sea bird species which are infected habitually with the type A viruses. These viruses are transmittable as well. In the case of the avian flu, the bug was passed from wild birds to domestic birds who then passed the bug on to human beings. In the case of the swine flu outbreak which we are at this time experiencing, the bug was passed between mammals.

Even though there are many distinct varieties of the flu bug, the symptoms are all quite common. These are headaches and body aches, extreme weariness, fever plus chills, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and flushed face. It is common too to suffer from vomiting and abdominal pain specially for persons that have contracted the Type B virus. The symptoms of the Type B virus are a good deal more brutal and come on quite speedily.

It is important to seek treatment right away if these symptoms materialize.

It is essential that medications be provided to the sufferer immediately. In some cases you are able to mix allopathic and homeopathic medicines to get the best outcome but please only do this after consulting your family doctor or pharmacist. Tests are able to be completed as well to establish if vaccination would be useful for both treatment as well as prevention. All persons are different and so is their reaction to vaccine.

It is entirely possible that a number of individuals might have developed a resistance to a particular vaccine. This is because there seems to be more drug resistance to the latter and the former is less toxic and seemingly more effectual. Paracetamol helps to relieve pain and in addition helps to diminish fever so this allopathic medicine ought to be given along with antiviral drugs. In the case of homeopathic treatment, it is important to get counsel from your family physician about what medicines should be used to ease your specific symptoms. The amount of medication given is directly connected to the gravity of the illness itself. Smaller doses of homeopathic medications can be given in an effort to prevent a bout with the flu virus.

As you are likely by now aware, it is crucial that you cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, wash your hands repeatedly and clean all contaminated surfaces with disinfectants in an effort to avoid the spread of the illness. It is useful too to eat right including plenty of fruits and vegetables, exercise and steer clear of crowded areas where the virus is able to be passed without difficulty from person to person.