All about bipolar disorder test and Blue Star Ointment


When looking for an online bipolar test, there are several good ones available to assist you in determining whether or not you, or perhaps a family member or friend, might have symptoms of this illness.

A bipolar disorder test will enable the classification of the disease. There are ,in fact, two types of bipolar disease :The first one namely type I presents with hypomania, depression,mania and psychosis, whereas the second classification, the second one is type II, and is characterized by recurring episodes of hypomania (elevated or expansive mood, without the impairment in judgement seen in mania) and depression.

A bipolar test will help evaluate mood states that are seen in this illness. When patients are manic, they may exhibit irritable or elated mood and may have engaged in dangerous and high-risk behaviors that have caused harm to themselves or others. Inappropriate sexual activity, substance abuse,violent behavior or uncontrolled spending may be red flags as an illness that can cause major disruptions in family life, in social functioning, and that can compromise occupational objectives.

The key to a successful treatment of a bipolar symptoms is the right diagnosis after a bi polar test . Bipolar disorder diagnosis may not be so easy because its symptoms are episodic. Hence the need of a comprehensive history. Though bipolar disorder is a psychological illness, an exhaustive medical history and physical exam are also required to rule out any physical cause of the symptoms of the mood disorder.

A detailed history taking and psycological status examination is essential to the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. A detailed history of both the present and past symptoms must be taken. Depressed patients,generally, experience psychomotor retardation and have decreased activity. They also have a decreased rate and volume of speech. Some may have hallucinations and delusions.

These patients also have a pessimistic view of themselves and of the world. Most of them have attempted suicide or contemplated about it. In contrast, manic patients are very excited , hyperactive and euphoric. They can become very irritable and have a low frustration tolerance.